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Hello and Welcome to my blog! Ahlan wa sahlan ya akhi, ukhti.  Well, in this blog I just want to share about my experience, my feeling, and also my opinion about something. Terlepas itu mau sesuai atau enggak dengan teorinya temen-temen, this is my life. Hidup itu kan berbeda-beda antara satu dengan yang lainnya. Nah dengan adanya perbedaan itu lah kita mau enggak menerima dan mempelajarinya? Is it simple right? Gak usah dibawa ribet. Ok?


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Enjoy with me here. I very appreciate if you also wanna share about your life with me. You can write a comment in my post. Thanks for reading and visiting me in my blog.

With best wishes,
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Hi! I'm Ihat. Here, I just want to share about my life, my thought, and also my feeling. Enjoy with me :)

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