Catatan Harian

It Has Been Decided

It has been decided! Kalau libur di Pesantren aku sampai tiga bulan ke depan. Sedih sih, tapi ya mau gimana lagi dengan melihat situasi dan kondisi saat ini. Semoga COVID-19 segera berlalu Ya Allah. :'(

Ok baiklah di samping harus menyusun skripsi yang sepertinya akan dirombak ulang lagi, I’ve decided to write story for you entitled “For The First Time.” You can visit here. I hope this story can entertain all of you. Please comment after you read it, Ok? I’ll wait for that. 

With love,



De Ihat

Hi! I'm Ihat. Here, I just want to share about my life, my thought, and also my feeling. Enjoy with me :)

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