When I’m Confused

This writing just for reminding me and also I just want to talk with my self. Sometimes, I don’t need any comments from the other. When I say, when I talk to you it means that I just want to be heard. Just it. No need more than it. But the people always give a comment or blame what I said or what I decided in my life. For me, writing is the one of effective way rather than talk to your friend.

Jika kamu lelah maka beristirahatlah. Beristirahat bukan berarti kamu menyerah.

Honestly, this is so sad. I still remember about my decision. Oh Allah, is this right? Or not? I gave up this year. I’m tired. I just want to break for a while. Just it.

But the people’s perspective like I’m lazy, I’m not fight for my dream, for finishing my study. Galau asli! Tapi aku mikir lagi, this is my life. They don’t know about what I feel, what I face in my life, my problem, my feeling. For this, I must close my ears, close my eyes from their spoken. And this is hard for me. Yup so hard.

And this is year …

The hard year for me.

Allah please help me, never leave me to walk alone.




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De Ihat
Hi! I'm Ihat. Here, I just want to share about my life, my thought, and also my feeling. Enjoy with me :)


August 5, 2020 at 9:38 am

Well, if an advice could help. My big lesson in life, is never be scared of anyone or anything.

August 6, 2020 at 5:40 pm

Absolutely right, writing is much more better than talk with person… We’re on the same team.

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August 14, 2020